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Life in the Chawls of Mumbai (Bombay)

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When Chawl Concept Established in Mumbai

Life in the Chawls of Mumbai (Bombay) : Chawls of Mumbai is basic concepts evolved mainly at the Dadar and Lalbaug location at Mumbai in the early 1900s. We can't explain the Affection and Humanity in chawl with the help of words. In Chawl Systems the people are live for each other and dead for each other.

This Chawl Tradition grows because of Increasing of Mills which has hardly grown in the 19th century and also ends in the 19th century because of politics. In chawl, each person contributes there lives for another.

I am still lucky because I am not living at chawl but enjoying the chawl weather at Mhada Colony in our Safalya Sangh Mitra Mandal which located at Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

How Was the Living Conditions in Chawls

Chawls are primarily 4 to 5 stories tall, with between Kholies 10 and 15 on each floor. Kholies are the small rooms. With common toilets and very little privacy, the people living in Chawls accept the culture very soon.

Hence you could find Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Parsis, etc. all living under the same roof. Although there are such a big difference in culture, religious and ethnic backgrounds, people in chawl have still maintained healthy relationships and it is less likely to have disputes between communities.

The general line for filling the water buckets or drinking water came once in an evening. For everyday use water, used to go and fetch from a water pump nearby, @ 6 A.M. in the morning every day. Before going to work. There used to be a line for the same too.

Nature in Chawls at Mumbai

Pic Credit @sumit.s.sawant.73

Describe The People's Life Conditions of Chawls in Bombay

Chawl concept was the heart touching some precious movements with our loving peoples and The union of the loving friends of the deceased. When we talk about the Chawls in Mumbai then some old peoples who wear chaddi and sandobody and chatting about the Inflation.

Some middle age persons are busy to read in newspaper, the married women are gossiping about love affairs ( lafda ) some peoples stand in the waiting line of toilets, the old wooden construction, rooms doors are open all the time.

Kids run around freely from one house to another coming and going as they please. the smell of Marathi special " Batatyachi Bhaji " or " Pithla and Bhakri " this thinks are rapidly gone through from the front of our eyes and our eyes fulfilled with drops of water.

Friendship in Chawl katta (Duniyadari)

In each Chawl system, they make there own " Chawl Katta " where the all youngster makes there own groups of friends and they decide the typical pet names for friends like " pakya " or " digya " etc. In Katta's friends have made there friendship like a brother. They both using frankly Shabby language within friends.

Both friends comments on each others doing prank within a group, doing lots of fun and enjoyments over there. They really build the dedicated friendship with each other, they stand for each other in difficult and critical situations and also share their happiness with each other, There were almost Jolly behavior youngsters lives in chawl.

Festival Environment in Chawl

Dahi Handi Festival in Chawl

Picninc Fun Chawl Buddies

Diwali Festival in Chawl

Holi Festival in Chawl

In Festival chawl weather is too glamorous. Both fests like Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Dahi Handi, Diwali etc. is celebrating in a community manner. The Chawl Mandals arrange programs of drama and dance, especially in Diwali fest.

Before Dahi Handi fest both youngsters of chawl is keeping practice about the Human floors (Dahi Handi Thar). Holi is just like swimming pool filling with lots of colors. In Diwali, they make special handmade methais likewise Besanche laddu, Chivda, Shankarpalya, Chakli etc. and many more.

This Methais share with every chawl rooms and familiar with each other. There are lost chawl member guest came at chawl to celebrate the fest with such lovely peoples.

Relationships in Chawl Tradition

In another word love relations are known as " lafda " in chawl language. There be always deep and committed relationship in chawl. The bonding and trust are base of the chawl relationship. The namings of couple written in chawl walls with cutting hearts designing.

Breakup and Give up those concepts are not eventually updated in chawl people thoughts. The Boys and Girl give heartly dedication for family relation and relationships also.

Explain Any Three Features of Chawls in Bombay ( Mumbai )

In this 3G World, The Chawl has Backbone of 4H. This Four H Stands for Honesty, Humanity, Hardworking and Helping Nature. The Chawl Buddies Always Live with the Awakening of Thoughts which is Out of the box for the outer world. They decide to make anything is possible then they achieve that at any cost.

Every Chawl Person is loyal with there commitment to its showing Honesty in their behavior. Every person relies upon another one at situational needs its showing Humanity and Helping Nature, and They grow themselves from a bottom to top financially, They evolve themselves in the outer professional world.

When Chawls Proceeds for Renewation

For me, the chawl world is always glamorous and precious world for. Not for me only but every person who lives in chawl. Because the Thought boundaries in chawl, Duniyadari Knowledge on Katta, Friendship bondings in youngsters, Precious Guidance of Elders, Helping and Caringness about everyone, Great Maturity level etc.

With many more qualities chawl makes really good and successful Human Beings. The Neighbours(Shjari) fights with each other but when the situation is critical they always stay with each other.

But... but when we think about Todays World Chawl Tradition is rare in Mumbai, Both prefer to living in 2BHK and 3BHK rooms with luxury treatments like parking and lift facilities in heightened apartments. Its necessary to change our thoughts with the world but keep the thoughts about the Humanity same as per the chawl peoples.

This is a too small explanation to describe chawl tradition, but no one can describe the beautiful things in words which happening is chawl weather. Always rely on another, Make each one to our best friend, and keep alive our historical chawl tradition in today's world societies and apartments also.

What We learn from Chawls People

The best thing about chawl is people. We are closer than family. People from various religion, various economic background live together. We celebrate every festival. Every time we cook something special we make sure that we share it with our neighbors. Sometimes we fight but most of the times the issue is resolved in a very short time.

This place has taught me how to make friends, how to love, how to fight, how to share, how to adjust and most importantly. This place has taught me how to treat other humans. There are times when things get annoying and I feel like leaving this place. But the thing is when you live in a place for a long time, you become that place.

All Duniyadari things we are learn at chawl weather automatically. The space in Chawl Kholis (Rooms) is to small but the hearts of chawl peoples is wider than the world. But short space is not matter for them, they can adjust thereself with each other and survive happily in there adjustment world.

Meaning of Chawl Peoples

C - Champions

H - Humanity and Healthy Relations

A - Achieve the Goals

W - Winnership

L - Legends of the World


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