What is SEO and Why SEO Important for Websites ?

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What is SEO and Why SEO Important for Websites?

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) : In my words, the SEO stands for search easily online or search everyone online. Why - because of SEO Meaning mention the main purpose is to connect the users to search engine via an efficient & relevant manner.

SEO techniques and practices help to increase drive relevant traffic to our website via SERP. The search engines crawl our website pages match to relevant content & subjects with there term & shows its to there users as per the search term ( Keywords ) relevancy basis.

On which website have fresh & generic content that always SEO Crawler prefer first. Those web pages crawl & rank rapidly which have a better length of relevant content.

Why SEO is important for Websites & How SEO Works?

When we talk about the SEO Meaning or"SEO Marketing" it's the treatment for a website which does for fulfilling our website is not only user-friendly but also SERP friendly. Search Engine Optimization is the most lengthy but simplest technique to get the more and more traffic on our website and improve our online sales for a website.

Nowadays the SEO segmentation not only do for B2B & B2C segments business purpose but also the information purpose sites to get regular readers & also for SEO brand awareness. SEO branding strategy is helping to connect with more & more online users via search & also the display channels to our business, organisation or readers. both types of websites SEO Process is work like the breathing. in my words:

SEO is almost more lengthy but the simplest concept which can relevant to users, webpages & search engines. SEO stands for"Search Engine Optimisation" Its process used for quality & quantity of traffic, improve sales & also for creating brand awareness or improve visibility in the online world. Nowadays, SEO process is a trend that mostly does for top 10 listing in Major SERP's organic search result because most of the users click & open only first pages of the website which seen first that choice of all users always.

What is the main aspect of SEO Digital Marketing?

Ranking. There are many users or SEO Experts, professionals or freelancer assume that only the top 10 ranking in SERP is the SEO but its wrong. SEO Techniques are potentially made by SEO tech experts is only for users connect, behave more friendly with search engines. They spent more & more time with there SERP platforms. SEO Crawling and Indexing is a second main object. The technical SEO factors help to webpage information is maintain in a proper manner at SERP Database like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

How Many Types of SEO Techniques Are There ?

When SEO Concepts is started to evolve then search engine crawler started to website rank as per weights of the website. Which website provides more useful or relevant fresh content for any specific relevant concepts for that web page Major SERP's gives the preference first to improvise user presence and positive behavior in online nature.

Because of the competition to rank our websites in a search engine the most of the user used fraud techniques which is harmful to SERP's and also distract to user behaviors. Hence the search engines started implementations in there web crawlers to because of this deception tactics and band the websites which follow that type of Span Work. Everyone know about following SEO Techniques:

  • A. White Hat SEO

  • B. Gray Hat SEO

  • C. Black Hat SEO

A. What is White Hat SEO ?

- White Hat SEO is a firm technique which also friendly behavior the users and web crawler. This is a Fair technique which follows the search engine guidelines to rank in Major search engine. This technique taking time for rank website in search engine but eith the help of White Hat SEO technique website safely rank in search engine. This types of websites really provide useful content or information, not for web crawler but also users hence its called"White Hat SEO" which follows neet and clean behaviour with Search engines and users.

B. Meaning of Gray Hat SEO :

- Gray Hat SEO is used most of the competitors for rank in SERP's. In our language, it is a cocktail technique. It's a perfect mixture of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO Techniques. It means that the uses of follows the search engine guidelines to rank but in some amount not all. They do also fraud techniques to rapidly improvised our rank position present in Major Search Engine.

This technique manipulates organic online promotion. Gray Hat SEO is an SEO practice that's riskier than White Hat SEO, but one that may or may not result in your site being banned from search engines. In Gray Hat SEO Cloaking, Purchasing old domains, Copy Content or images, Link buying, Keyword Stuffing etc. tricks are used.

C. How to Identify Black Hat SEO ?

- Black Hat SEO is not following search engine guidelines. They violate the search engines terms of service. In the Black Hat SEO Performs both On Page and Off Page SEO which performs unethical actions with Search Engine Crawler and Users. Black Hat SEO is most commonly defined as a disapproved practice that nevertheless could increase a page's ranking on a search engine result page.

In Black Hat SEO Content Automation, Doorway Pages, Keyword Stuffing, Meta Keywords Tag, Cloaking, Redirections, Dummy Content, Spun or Duplicate Content, Hidden Content, Guest Posting, Link Manipulation, Article Spinning, Link Farms, Link Wheels or Link Networks etc. techniques are used.

How to do White Hat SEO ?

In both types of SEO We needs On Page and Off Page optimisation Techniques to rank Website On Page SEO is make changes in backend of the website codings and off page is an promotional activity which do on social channels.

What is SEO On Page Optimization & it's Techniques?

On Page Optimization in SEO is the practice of optimizing particular web page in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in major search engines. On Page Optimization refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.

Step by Step On Page SEO Techniques

Domain Authourity

Domain Authourity is most important factor in SEO. Because if our domain age is too old then we can easily rank on major search engines and make sticky position over there. But suppose our domain and website age in new, we started to promote fresh domain and website so its difficult too rank earlier in search engines.

The old age domains has benefit of trustability. The fresh website are take time to get trustaibility and stability in major search engines.

Server Optimisation

First, you need to best server for your website where your website will be the host. Just select that server which is fully protected and unhackable. There are many cheap resellers hosting services is available there but you go for best-hosting services providers like HostGator, Godaddy or BigRock Which is friendlier with you and also the web crawlers. When your website server is filled with an error then it's difficult to rank in Major SERP.

Neet and Clean Coding

Coding language which present Website needs to neet and clean and completed. It will be easily crawlable for Web crawlers and understand easily them. When We create tags in the backend of the website then we can't be looking about the clearness of coding. We just go for complete our layouts that times we forget some IMP tags close over there. We need to check the coding function of the website is Neet and Clean and error and virus free.

User-Friendly Design - UI Design

When you started SEO of any website then you need to about your targeted audiences users behaviors to attract their minds in your website for getting more leads and readers. your design more interacts with users behaviors then you will get more and more referral traffic from search engines. When you have work on E-Commerce Portal then there need to be filtered like size, color, prices etc. when on blogger then its need to Archives post and subscriber form so this UI Thing is changes as per the category sector of website.

AMP Acceleration and Responsive Layouts

AMP Acceleration is processed to customize our website as per devices for desktop and mobile. We need to create separate link and pages for AMP Acceleration on our Website or we need to create a responsive layout for devices in same webpages and it's more comfortable.

AMP Acceleration and Responsive Layouts is improvised because the most of users visit our website in Mobile devices, Also the Major Search Engines like Google can changes the index algorithm to index mobile first. So it will prominent need to our website in AMP Accelerated with Responsive Layouts. Because AMP sites provide faster content delivery on mobile device.

HTTPS Redirection

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Security Certificate ( HTTPS ) It provides a standard for Web Browsers, that allow users to exchange information from the World Wide Web. Most of the websites, use this protocol for accessing any file or page. SSL/TLS certificates are made-up of very complex secure hashing algorithms which enables the extended layer of security to protect the information. Hence, during the information exchange from client-to-server and server-to-client, no other person or robot can access it or tamper it.

WWW Redirection

When you use WWW redirection in front of a site, it acts as a hostname which can help with flexibility with Domain Name Server ( DNS ), ability to restrict cookies when using multiple subdomains and more. Whereas Non WWW domains also referred as naked domains do not have a technical advantage.

URL Structure

URL Structure is most important factor in SEO, Some Dynamic and E-Commerce website can't follows that rules becasue of some technical issues but when we design any static platforms then We have an option to make our URL's are SEO Friendly.

What Is SEO Friendly URL's & How to Do URL Optimization in SEO?

Classification Included Characters
Safe Characters
  • Alphanumerics (o-9a-zA-z)
  • Special Characters 8- • ()
  • Reserved Characters (e.g., ? Sign used to denote a query string)
  • ASCII Control characters
  • Includes the 150.8859-1 (ISO-Latin) Character
  • 00-1F hex (0-31 decimal)
  • 7F (127 decimal.)
  • Non-ASCII characters
  • Includes the entire"top half' of ISO-Latin Set
  • 80-FF Non-ASCII characters
  • hex (128-255 decimal.)
  • Reserved characters
  • S , / ; = ? (not including blank space)
  • Unsafe characters
  • Includes the blank/empty space and <> # % t } { [ ] *
  • SEO Meta Tags Optimization

    When suddenly we entered any shop for shopping then we first seems the outer display it means the first gate view of store. when we seen that shoppers have an a really attractive variety of collection in reasonable cost then we entered the shop. exactly when we do shopping or searching online we first type relevent keywords for our products & services or information source for ex.

    • Product Search Term : I want to shop shoes then I try
      "Buy Shoes""Shop Shoes online" that types of keywords
    • Information Search Term : I want to know about SEO (search engine optimization)
      "What is SEO""how to do search engine optimization for my website in google"
    • Services Search Term : I need to do SEO Services on my Website then I search
      "SEO Freelancers Mumbai""SEO Services Mumbai"

    When SERP's organic search result front of us. then We must be seen that the Title, Link & Description it means the outer content (outer view) or we said that first view of a website that is Meta Title, Link & Meta Description if this content is most relevant & interact with the searcher then searcher can click the website & entered the website. That's why the Meta Title, Description & URL is Most important factors in SEO & that known to be a gate view of the store. Meta Tag Optimiation helps to index algorithm get rank the keyword for particular Keyword for particular web pages.

    Most Important Meta Tag List for Website is Following :

    Heading Tags Optimisation

    We write an Information of any Specific Product an Services also we try to write a blog or article for share with web users then we need to inform that in our webpage exactly that information present which they want's. The online user behavior is an enthusiastic behavior.

    Even I also enter any webpage to read about specific article then I personally most Interact with Heading Tags which is an H1 and H2 when it is related with the subject which I searching for then I Stay on that page spent time over there. It's Helps us to get more relevant traffic from search engines. Also, index algorithm get help to rank the keyword for particular Keyword for particular web pages. For Example:

    Nowadays, There is a trend for Meta Title and Meta Description can be measured in characters like Meta Title in 70 Words and Meta Description in 300 Words. But about my experience, the meta title and meta description length do not effect on SEO. You will use the free length of a word as you want. Remember one thing, your targeted keyword is needed to be present in meta title and description.

    • Product Search Term : I want to shop shoes and I enter the Webpage then Heading Tag Will be
    • See Our Shoes Collection for Sale -

      Buy Shoes in Affordable Prices Here! -

    • Information Search Term : I want to know about SEO (search engine optimization) then Heading Tag Will be
    • SEO Terms and Techniques -

      What is SEO and How It's Works -

    • Services Search Term : When anyone search for SEO Services then Heading Tag Will be
    • Enquire Our Services -

      Our SEO Services -

    This example explains that it needs to be exact Subject Present in there Heading Tags of Web sites.

    Use Structured Data Markup

    Search Engine works hard to understand the content of a page. Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content. Structured Data Markup is Schema Markup updatation which is the help of Web crawlers to record our Web pages in a database in certain specific categories. There are many more Schema Markup Generator Online Tools is available.

    Structured Data Markup does for upgradation in the SERP's Snippet which helps to improvised interacts with the users. With the help of structured data markup, you can shows Reviews, Images, Videos, Definitions in your SERP's Snippets and its also help to growth rapidly rank. In Structured Data Markup following Services Markup Available :

    Particular Particular
    Breadcrumb Sitelinks Searchbox
    Corporate Contact Logo
    Social Profile Carousel
    Article Book
    Course Dataset
    Event Fact Check
    Job Posting Local Business
    Music Occupation
    Paywalled content Podcast
    Product Recipe
    Review TV and Movie

    Use Natural Language for Better Readability

    When you write an information or blog on web pages then it will need to easily connect with users and readable also. Your provides information write in simple languages because anyone can read and know that what are you trying to say via content. there is some level which decided to Check readability level of our Content. Also, add the Google Translator on your pages to access your information in any language for any region of users.

    Code to Text Ratio

    Code to Text Ratio of a page is used by Major search engines and Web spiders to calculate the relevancy of a webpage. A higher code to text ratio allows for a better chance of getting a top page ranking in the SERPs. Not all search engines are using the code to text ratio in their index algorithm, but most of them do. A good text to HTML ratio can be anywhere between 15 to 80 percent. However I’ve seen pages with lower ratio (lower than 10%) that still perform very well in the SERPS.

    Content Optimisation and Length

    Content is King of SEO. Really both who want to run in the SERP's Competition and try to rank on search engines organically without spamming they always prefer quality content for there web pages and also on social media. Our Publish content is first checked with Free SEO Content Optimization Tool. The Content must have easy readability, Without Spell Mistake, Grammatically proper, Lengthy and must be used in active voice.

    Raw score Final score
    4.9 and Below Grade 4 and Below
    5.0 – 5.9 Grades 5 – 6
    6.0 – 6.9 Grades 7 – 8
    7.0 – 7.9 Grades 9 – 10
    8.0 – 8.9 Grades 11 – 12
    9.0 – 9.9 Grades 13 – 15 (college)
    10 and Above Grades 16 and Above.

    Use Images, Videos, and Audio in Content

    When we will fill just your page with only content, then it's getting really bored with any user behavior. Hence after some paragraphs, we need to images, audios and videos in our web pages so its get entertains to a user and also our page provides the 360 degrees material for our users but its also relevant with our provided content. So user not only read but also see practices and analysis the terms which we mention in the content. Addon the Infographics in content it is now the latest trend in SEO for ranking rapidly.

    Alt and Title Tags

    Image alt tags (alternative text) and title tags help to index the images in search engine image searches. Alt tags and title tags its help to indicates the category of an image and the image records in the SERP's database. So anyone go through on search result and enter the search term which is related to your alt attribute then the image result shows your image in search engine database. Alt Tags is for Screen readers for the blind and visually impaired will read out this text and thus make your image accessible. Title Tag is given to hyperlinks of web pages to provides information about a link to users.

    Keywords Density and Analysis

    When all of SERP organic search result I entered the website to click on relevant link & Web page of website is front of me that webpage is known as landing page of a website. Because the google searcher can entered on that front page it means the searcher entered in my website & land on that page which shown in SERP organic search result for that relevant search term or relevant keyword hence its known as seo landing page.

    The keyword is a main aim of SEO. We started the ranking in Major Search engines then first we need to know about the search terms which are used for the SERP's user for our related business. For simple, this procedure google Search engine can introduce the keywords tool for giving information about there users monthly search terms. there we analyze and select the related keywords about our business and feed them in content in certain limitation.

    Because keywords density on pages needs to be a certain level present in web pages. check the dummy content or spun content with the help of free online content tools. Use our Free Online Keywords Density Checker Tool or use given formula for Keyword Density Checker on your Website.

    Keyword Density Check Formula = (Nkr / Tkn) x 100

    RSK = How Many Times Repeated a Specific Keyword in Web page
    TWC = Total Words in the Web page

    Keyword density = (RSK / TWC) x 100
    = (15 / 500) x 100
    = 0.03 x 100 = 3

    Keyword density = 3%

    LSI Keywords Analysis

    LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) means used lengthy or synonym keywords related to our targeted short tail keywords. For Example:

    • It means when our targeted keyword is the" Buy Shoes" then its LSI Keyword is
      " Buy Shoes Online"
      " Buy Shoes Online in India"

    This technique really useful for both web pages and it gives result best but sometimes it creates the keyword stuffing. When you reduced keywords stuffing then goes for another method. Also, another meaning of LSI Keywords is complimentary. For Example:

    • It means when our targeted keyword is the" How to Make a Tea" then its LSI Keyword is
      " Quantity of Sugar in Tea"
      " Quantity of Water in Tea"

    Those are your LSI Keywords. The Complementary Method of LSI Techniques is a better way to present your information to your users.

    Internal Linking and Anchor Text

    When our Website has many pages and when we suggest the current web page to any another webpage for there relevant results then that's called" Internal Linking". Anchor Text means the word which is hyperlinked. It's Necessary when you target any word for a hyperlink in SEO then that word need to relevant with the link information rather this link counted spammy link on web page. When you try to link any internal page connect another then connect it with niche related link and similar word.

    Stratergy for Internal Linking:
    site:http://www.dipeshpednekar.com/tools"SEO Tools"

    Schema Markup Updatation

    Google works hard to understand the content of a page. Schema Markup ( Schema.org ) helps to search engines categorized the product, services, information, and images. The Main 4 Schema Markup is Navigation, Breadcrumb, product or services, Contact and Review. The Google getting easy to fetch information from our website and categorized it for the index because of Schema Markup Updatation.

    Website Speed Optimization

    As per the user enthuziastic behaviour the website still fully load and open quickly it means within 2 Seconds. When your Website has loader or because of weightage of files the website taken time for loading then user quit the tab and go your compeititors website. Website Speeds Optimisation means optimize, minify and squish all unnecessary and compressible code lines.

    Tricks for Website Speed Optimization

    Enable Gzip compression Optimize CSS Delivery
    Defer load CSS Leverage Browser Caching
    Defer Load Javascripts Inline CSS Scripts
    Make Fewer HTTP Requests Use Less Javascripts
    Reduce Amount of Functional Images Set up the critical rendering path
    Lazy Load Images Optimization Fix Broken Requests
    Use The Right Hosting Speed up Apache
    Inline Javascript code Remove use CSS @import
    Use asynchronous scripts Avoid Javascript libraries
    Use a CDN Enable keep-alive
    Avoid Redirects

    W3C Validation

    W3C Validator doesn't have much to do with SEO. The Validator checks the HTML or CSS code of a site and returns a report of mistakes in the code, where the code doesn't follow the standard of HTML or CSS. It doesn't give any ranking of the search engine optimization (SEO). Valid code is always better than code with mistakes, but I doubt that code validity has any significant impact on SERP.

    Fixing Broken Links

    When we revamp our website or web pages then our webpages URL also getting changes. whether we shift our files in another domain then also our all website URL will get change. Our old URL already ranked in SERP's. When any user clicks and enters this links then they won't found page at a place which they have. They show the error page. Because of the emptiness of page, we degrade the ranking also. At that time the best option is redirection is helped to replace the present link with the old link in the search engine at keep ranking safe as well. Following have a list of Redirection if your website has a broken link:

    Webmaster Submissions

    Our Website will not started directly index in search engines. We need to install the code file on our server and add the website in webmster tool. Nowadays there are Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex this types of Major SERP's provide there own free webmasters tools. Webmaster tool helps to index our website in there search engine. Because of Webmaster Submissions, the web spider automatically crawls our website changes and record to there server. They will record both changes and provide us user behavior statistics on our website.

    XML Sitemap and Image Sitemap Addition

    XML Sitemap is documented update in google webmaster tool for information about the total link present over the pages and for indexing in search engine spider database. This file auto updates the URL which is add newly on the website and also notice it to the web spider to index them. The Image XML Sitemap also works same but for images not a link to websites. This document can provide help to indexing our both material website to index in Major Search Engines.

    Robots Text File

    Robots Text File help to know which directory or pages want to followed by a web crawler and which need not index in search engines. It also detects that the which Search engine index algorithm bots need to follow and which one is not. So Robots Text file is really important for the informed Web Spiders to crawl the websites.

    Google Analytics Integration

    Google launched this service in November 2005. Google Analytics uses for track data of user behavior in the website. The analytics is most useful software for SEO. Google Analytics just introduced a search engine marketing to aware of the user reaction and interaction on our websites different web pages. Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization. This Web Tools Giving us different statistics of data like the period filters, devices, age, browsers, devices, comparisons and many more.

    Off Page SEO Techniques and Link Building

    How Many Types of Off Page SEO ?

    Off Page Optimization is not like a link seeding or link submission. The off page optimization is an organic promotional activity which is do with the help of social channels. There are many more online platforms and directories present over there where the thousands of users visit once at the day. That type of platforms is the first preference for us. When you promote your site with an accurate way and accurate category at the accurate place then the result is reflected. If we generate backlink organically and fairways then our website gets top rankings in Major Search Engine.

    Following are Ways of Get Organic Backlink for our Websites:

    Check Search Engines Updates

    Search Engines Algorithm is changed from month to month. We need to update with Search Engines. Just for the contain comfortness of our user's search engines will create some needful changes in their web crawl bot. Just because of competition to rank in SERP's many more promoters use manipulation techniques in their web pages. To cause and band that type of harmful techniques the web crawlers upgrade there crawling features.

    Social Media Promotion

    In Social Media Promotion doing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram etc. and many more platforms available. It's necessary that we have our Branding page of both mention social platforms to promote our business in Social Channels. In this social platforms, we can do paid activities to run our promotional ads for our targeted traffic. Also to generate day to day social post with quality content of related our segments but connect with different subjects help us to get more followers, likers, and visitors to our websites. This Platorms provides you more and more backlinks on your sites.

    Accelerate Own #Tag Trends

    We need to update our self as per the updated world. Nowadays, In the online world, there is genuine online user also use hashtag trends. # Tags are normally used in Social Media Channels majorly on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We need to Accelerate our social presence with the help of hashtag trends related our business. InMajor Social Platforms user also searches the post to use by hashtag trends.

    Hash Tag Trends provide authourity backlink for our sites. So just make your own hashtag with some popular hashtags and improve the searches of your created hashtag trend. For Example: suppose I am promoting Digital Marketing Services in Mumbai then my hashtag trend is #DigitalMarketingServicesMumbai

    Infographics Creations

    When a complex piece of information needs to be described quickly, precisely and clearly, a graphic is suitable. Infographics are used for signs, maps, Information and data presentations. We can create Infographics for any product and Services. Just describe properly in Infographics how our product will use of Steps of our Services Chains.

    To communicate a message, Its present a lot of information in a way that is compact and easy to comprehend with a Visual Effects. When we do promotion of the content then its interaction with our daily readers flow on the website. But we lost visual users also to increase the flow of visual users on our website we need to create attractive Infographics on our page.

    Online Reputation Management ( ORM )

    The easiest and quickest way for most people to get to know a small business is through the internet. It's almost like magic when you open a browser and do some research about almost anything. You can become aware of what's good and bad about a person, an experience, and a business very quickly.

    People aren't just visiting company websites any longer either. They are looking at directory sites, review sites, and social media for additional information. One bad comment or review can turn potential customers away from your business and you won't even know it.

    To Online Reputation Management means manage your constantly keep track of what people think and say about your brand online. In simple language is just like a social chatting because When we found any user wrote about any question or any query about our product and services then we need to an explanation about that or any complaint about our product and services then we need to resolve that with an efficient manner.

    In the era of information overload, stimulated by various social media platforms, keeping track of what people say about your brand is quite a challenge to undertake.

    Content Marketing

    Content is the really important segment in SEO. Content is breathing of websites. Content is a better way to describe any situation, education, experience, coincident, benefits, tips and many more things in an efficient way on user's mind. We need to update quality content is our website day to day for get more traffic in our website for relevancy subjects and also keep fresh and updated our website in Web crawler bots.

    We need to also promote the content in another Social Channels, Article Submission Sites, Guest Blogging Sites, Web 0.2 Submissions. Because these platforms have lots of traffic day to day visits for reading updated content. When we submit the content to this platforms then its provide growth on our websites because of related reference links in content. Content Marketing getting relevant dofollow backlinks for our sites.

    Quora Commenting

    Quora is a popular platform for Question and Answering Sites where lots of users visit day to day for asking their question and get their answers. Beneficial think is that you can provide the Link, Images, and Videos also with the content that helps user interacted to there answer easily. We can also edit our answer after once we publish content. We have got lots of answers and suggestions over there from many users once you post the content. Quora Commenting give many backlinks on our sites.

    Business Reviews

    A Review can be posted about people, businesses, products, or services. A review is a beneficial thing of business. Our Business Review needs to be a presence in Website and also in outer Internet environment or platforms. The loyal users of our product and services explain there satisfaction or fulfillment with help of Reviews.

    Some Brands takes video bites reviews also from our satisfied clients for promotions or publish it is from the website. Product and Services Reviews is the backbone of the website. Glassdoor, Google Listing, Grahak Munch, Consumer Affairs, TripAdvisor etc are Business Review Sites.

    Local Business Listing

    Local Busines Listing detect our specific location of the business. Targeted Radius Areas of our business and services. They provide products and services for specific limited areas or country. Local Business Listing Helps users get nearer location product and services providers for accomplished there requirements because the users need that things fastly.

    For ex. I am live in Lower Parel, Mumbai and I want to order lunch then I specifically search for" Fastest Delivery Food Near Me" or Best Hotels for Fastest Home Delivery in Lower Parel. I am not going to" Best Hotels in Mumbai". So Its prominent need to my hotel business need to listed in the Google Local Listing, Bing Local Listing, Justdial, Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda, Burrp, Tripadvisor etc. with NAP Information.

    Q / A Building

    Question and Answers Building is not only important to get a good amount of high traffic but also for maintaining Online Reputation Management. Join those sites and search for questions related to your niche, give a helpful answer to any question. There are Many popular platforms over there like Google, yahoo answers, Quora, Blurtit etc. where a bulk of users visits a day and asks there the question or share there answers or experience which each other. this technique gets relevant backlinks on site.

    Document Marketing

    This is a wider concept in off page SEO. In Document Submission there are Brochure Design, Price Rates, Image Submission, Video Marketing, Infographics etc. and many more concept. In the Brochure Marketing, we create creatives and mention our Special Offers, Price Rates or Festival Offers and share it on Social Channels, Classified Sites and also on Document Submission Sites.

    Create attractive images of related our business and share it on Social Channels, Classified Sites and also on Document Submission Sites. Creates Infographics and share on the Infographics creation sites or Infographics sharing Sites also addon in website also. Video Marketing is also best and popular technique to get more traffic on websites, Creates and our Business related videos and share it on the Social Channels or video promotion sites like youtube.

    Press Release Marketing

    Online press releases are a key element of your SEO off page Strategy. As well as boosting your search engine optimisation, online PR helps by creating awareness about your company. Every business has news and stories to tell. That news can help promote your company and increase your online visibility or get more traffic on Website.

    You might want to promote an event, launch a new product, or have recently appointed a new member of staff. Whatever your news, our press release submission service will help to build your online reputation. This Technique is an authourity backlink source of websites.

    Forum Submission

    Forum websites are online discussion sites or in other words, message board or its also like chatting. It consists of a group of contributors who are already registered on the forum's website. After being registered on the forum websites, members can submit topics for discussion that is known as threads. They can communicate with other members through publicly visible messages or posts on the submitted topic. Forum Posting today will taken an important thing for boosting SEO.

    User Behaviour Analysis

    Till you didn't get from which platforms you get more and more traffic on your websites you can't decide the tricks and strategies for online promotion of the website. In this case, The User behavior tracking tools like Google Analytics and Google webmaster will help you to know user behavior. It will necessary to reduce bounce rate of the website and increase niche and fair traffic on the website at that situation User behavior Analysis help us more.

    Other Methods of SEO off page

    Other Off Page Techniques is like Classifieds Sites where you promote your product and services and get direct enquiries from this platforms. Some Classified platfoms are free and some in paid. Also Profile Creation on High domain authourity sites is technique to get backlink and traffic on website. URL Shortner is also we used as an backlink source for website.

    Nowadays there are many SEO Agencies or SEO Companies who provides best SEO Services in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Not only SEO Services but also Google AdWords PPC, Web development, Website Speed Optimisation, Website SEO Audit etc. services also. We can also provide both services mention above if you need then feel free to contact us.

    So what are you waiting for just pick up your phone and call us Now for SEO Freelancing Services in Mumbai at 9870232360


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